Cultural Cores are a joint initiative of the Pianos on the Street organisation, lead by Ondřej Kobza and head of dramaturgy Michaela Hečková, and the BU2R foundation, established by the Budvar brewery to support original urban cultural projects.

In the beginning of 2015 we selected three cities: Ústí nad Labem, Kolín and České Budějovice. Cultural Cores strives to cooperate with local active people to enliven the public space in regional areas. To find places that deserve a bit more attention, inspire and empower local managers to implement their own ideas, spark the development of a living urban culture and facilitate the creation of projects that will live their own life and develop in accordance with the needs of the place. This project included a series of videos, providing basic advice and tips for people who wish to organise events and interventions in the public space.In 2016, we decided to be bolder and published an open call to anyone who wishes to change something in their city, but don't know exactly how to go about it. Cultural Cores are not a grant agency. We are happy to cooperate with active people in their regions and tailor their project to the selected space, carry out fundraising activities, help with the dramaturgy, and resolve crisis situations during the production of events in the public space. We are not looking for those with experience, registered organisations and a history of successful grant applications. We are looking for people who are at the very beginning.

We would like to offer new opportunities regarding the use of public space, facilitate the creation of real-life social networks, and create a natural incubator for new activities. We believe that this will help to bolster identity of places and cultural solidarity, smear differences of class, and increase tolerance towards different opinions and lifestyles. We draw from our own experience as well as the knowledge that every place requires unique, tailored projects. In this way, together with active people outside of Prague, we search for ways to enliven the city in other ways than just one-off events We respect the context and the locale, which we strive to transform into an incubator for new local projects. Do you have an idea or a question? Let us know at Dance Lessons


Many of us completed dance classes in our youth and learned the basics of formal dances, but the stepwork faded from our memories as the years went by. On the other hand there are those of us who regularly practice classical dance, tango or swing. Public dance lessons connect both of these groups. Dancing in the relaxed atmosphere of the street or an old railway station can be enjoyed by seasoned dancers as well as those who wish to recall the forgotten steps of the cha-cha or waltz.

The first public dance lesson took place at the Central Railway Station in Prague, a second one after that at Masaryk Station. In 2015 our dance floor was the open-air square at Náměstí Míru. In June, we collaborated with the Tanec Praha (Dance Prague) festival, danced the Argentine tango, and organised public lessons for senior citizens and random passers-by.