The Table of Friendship

On Saturday, July 29, 2023, an exceptional event took place in the Bavarian town of Selb, near the Czech border. During the day, a white-set table adorned with flowers was set up in the center of the city on Ludwigstraße street.

Everyone was invited. The main motive was to share the joy of communal dining. The table is, after all, a symbol that brings people together and creates a unique atmosphere. The Table of Friendship was primarily a neighborhood celebration that brought participants together regardless of language, culture, or religious beliefs.

The Table of Friendship took the form of an open feast. The table was adorned with flowers and a variety of treats with which participants treated their neighbors. Together, we ate, sang, and got to know new people. And in the end, we even braved the unfavorable weather. Despite that, the event was a tremendous success.

On-site, there was draft beer and non-alcoholic beverages available, and at establishments on Ludwigstraße street, people could buy pastries, sausages, or coffee. The neighborhood evening was enhanced with street chess, a marching band, a public piano, and, finally, a DJ.

Free bus transportation was also provided to neighboring Czech and German villages.

The event was part of the Bavarian-Czech Friendship Weeks 2023 (Freunstaftswochen 2023) festival.

We would like to express our gratitude to the city of Selb and the Czech-German Future Fund for their support 💗.