The Neighborhood Dinner on Míru Street

We helped to set up a The Neighborhood Dinner on Míru Street in Pardubice

We were delighted when, after the successful Table around the Cathedral at Prague Castle at the turn of June and July, we were contacted by the nice ladies from the Department of Culture of the Statutory City of Pardubice that they would like to organize a similar event on behalf of the city. We put our heads together and it turned out to be an exceptional farewell to summer. The last day of August. Thursday 31st August 2023. A neighbourhood dinner in the sun. Peace class turned from a cortege to a blackboard for a day. 

The street, where Pardubice people usually walk and trolleybuses run, turned into one big feast. Practically from the very beginning at 5 pm it was crowded. Everyone brought something. A neighbour was treated. People played the guitar and whatever they found at home. At one point, a 230-foot-long table was connected by a string of messages. The response on site and afterwards on social media and in the media was incredible.

It confirmed once again what has been known for a long time; Pardubice is a community city. We believe that STOP FOR PEACE is the beginning of a beautiful, long-lasting tradition. And we are very pleased that we could be at the beginning of it.

Czech Radio, Pardubice Daily, Czech Television 

📸 Jan Faltus / Piána na ulici